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Our company began in August of 1980. We are a family-owned business that prides itself in being professional, trustworthy, and honest. Our employees and staff are dedicated and strive to continue making Johnny Huffman Plumbing Company Inc. second to none.

Johnny Huffman Plumbing Co. Inc. Crew
Johnny Huffman Plumbing Co. Inc.


Johnny Huffman (Owner & President) - 44 years

Bryan Huffman (Vice President) - 25 years

Craig Mattherly - 35 years

Kent Barker - 28 years

Timmy Davis - 18 years

Dave Waldron - 1 year

Joe Johnson - 1 year

License Carried:

Plumbing Class I Unlimited

Special Plumbing Electrical

Special Well Pump Electrical

Septic Tank Licensed Installers, Level 4

Lead Abatement

Backflow Test License

Well Pump Installer, Class D

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